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Here we hope to answer questions that frequently arise about the Volt Shop. If you have questions about Volt Europa in general please check VoltEuropa.org

Where can I find a specific product?
Have you checked all four categories yet? Some products only show up when you browse the categories.
If you see a product with the design you want, but you want it on a slightly different product, you might find the product variety you're looking for by clicking the product with the design you want and checking the variants shown under the label "Additional products and options".
In case you can't find the design you are looking for at all, please email us at [email protected].

Why aren't all Volt Shop products organic?
While we would like to offer sustainable products only, this would be very limiting to our brand at the moment, as with our current capacities, we can only rely on a print-on-demand service for products, which does not offer many organic products, especially not in purple variants. We hope that we'll be able to improve on our merchandise's sustainability soon.

Why doesn't iDeal show up as a payment option?
We are aware of the issue and trying to find a solution. Email us at [email protected] and we'll notify you once iDeal becomes available again.

Why don't you offer merchandise with the "VOLT" logo in capital letters? / 
Why don't you offer merchandise with the purple bars design you used to have?
These designs followed outdated brand guidelines and we therefore do not make them anymore. The Volt logo in capital letters was additionally confusing, since it led people to believe that Volt is an acronym. Since it isn't, we advise not to use that old logo, and to always spell Volt as "Volt", and not with all capital letters.